Key People

Our Team
Dr. Jeong Soo Park, PhD, P.Eng
Chief Engineer & Director

Jeongsoo Park received his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Yonsei University , Seoul, South Korea in 1989. The same year, he entered Samsung Electronics Co, South Korea and since then he had worked at the company for 10 years, as the Senior and Principal Engineer. At Samsung he specialized in washing machine vibration control by using automatic balancer and achieved fair amount of vibration attenuation of the washing machines successfully, seeing their commercialization in the Korean and European markets.

Rod Egan
CEO & Director

Mr. Egan contributes the benefits of his executive leadership and management experience, in particular with regard to running startup companies and negotiating purchase and sale agreements. He is an elite collector car auctioneer specializing in the valuation of fine automobiles. He holds state auctioneer licenses in Texas, Indiana, and Florida and is owner, Managing Partner and oversees corporate operations at The Worldwide Group, LLC, where he has demonstrated his exceptional appraisal and sales abilities with over $3 billion in sales of collector cars in North America in recent years.

Jeff Rhodes
VAWT Inventor

Mr. Rhodes is the original inventor of the Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT).

He previously worked in the US Navy as an Aviation Mechanic, specializing in safety equipment such as ejection seats and handling of liquid oxygen for many types of aircraft.

He has extensive experience with many types of machinery including aircrafts, Refrigeration, Heating Venting Air Conditioning(HVAC) and has also earned an Environmental Protection Agency certificate.

Jeff’s vast knowledge in the Aviation and HVAC industries has fuelled his most recent work in the field

Ray Veldman
Engineering Advisor

Mr. Veldman has over 37 years of experience in the domestic and international energy industry.

Recent employment has been in senior management positions in business and product development at oil field chemicals manufacturing and upstream service companies.

Activities include business unit management, product line management, R&D and tech services, sales and engineering. Job experiences are in pumping services, chemical manufacturing, produced water management, oil and gas production, gas processing and oil refining.

Mr. Veldman has a M.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Houston and a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Texas.

Craig Dansereau
Project Management
& Product Development

Craig Dansereau is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 18 years of experience in service related businesses. This includes senior roles in oil & gas, project management and construction equipment procurement. Areas of expertise: project management, new business development, contract management, policy development, strategic planning, customer service, safety and operations.
Craig was the founder of an an equipment rental company in 2009 called Battlefield Supply, which was sold in 2013. Battlefield specialized in waste management, dumpster rentals, fence rentals, c-can rentals and generator rentals. Craig was responsible for establishing a customer base, marketing and sales campaigns. He also managed equipment procurement, maintenance and repairs as well as customer service.
Craig has an in-depth knowledge of strategy development and a proven record of effective leadership inspiring trust and loyalty throughout all levels of organizations. Craig’s leadership techniques and vision for organizational improvement will be instrumental in achieving our corporate goals.