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Comerton Technology

Automatic Balancing Technology (ABT)

Comerton has a unique solution to the vibration problems in wind turbines. It is a technology-oriented company that has designed an automatic balancing device, called the Automatic Balancing Technology (ABT). ABT is a mechanical balancing technology used to dynamically balance rotating parts of wind turbines to decrease vibration, resulting in more energy efficient operation.

  • ABTThe device can be installed on or built into rotating components
  • ABTCan adjust itself to mass imbalance changes exhibited during operation
  • ABTImproved balancing precision with greater power output
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Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Technology (VAWT)

Wind turbines provide a clean energy source, emitting no greenhouse gases and no waste product. Over 1,500 tons of carbon dioxide per year can be eliminated by using a one megawatt turbine instead of one megawatt of energy from a fossil fuel. Being environmentally friendly and green is a large advantage of wind turbines.

  • ABTEasier to Maintain & Service
  • ABTNot Harmful to Birds & Bats
  • ABTLess Heat Build-up
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